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SAFETEE Appraisals

Strong when challenged.

Our strengths are in the handling of ambitious and complex safety technology projects.

Our range of services covers the supervision of construction sites using our “Dynamic Hazard Management”, the support of companies according to DGUV V2, and the application of Management Safety Appraisals.

Strong when challenged.

Our strengths

We offer you:







Dynamic Hazard Management (DHM)

DHM is the term for our construction site supervision. It comprises

-    RTGC (Ready To Go Check)
-    HIRA (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment)
-    Global Risk Register
-    On Site Consulting
-    SAFETEE Index

With these interlocking methods and tools we are able to supply our customer with more than just site inspections and checks. We ensure a long-lasting improvement of safety performance!

How does this work for your particular enterprise? We will show you in a personal talk. Please contact us!

RTGC – Ready To Go Check


RTGC is a communication tool which – as a planning stage checklist – will begin to survey the legal security of the future construction site. It will ensure anytime that the site is run according to law and health regulations or will be closed in case documents are missing. Due to the integrated plan of action, communication with all parties involved is possible based on a factual assessment. (Download PDF)

HIRA – Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment


The System for more Safety
We developed this tool to examine hazard potentials in order to combine economic efficiency with a maximum of safety. This means: we use HSE managers on site who will consistently imply safety and health protection measures and optimize construction processes. This will always happen including a maximum of legal security for the customer. For best results, HIRA will be applied as a check-up tool before the actual construction takes off.

Global Risk Register


GRR is part of HIRA. It describes measures which will result in minimizing hazards. All measures are deduced from practical applications and labeled with the respective degree of efficiency. The remaining risk is estimated considering the efficiency potential of these measures.

On Site Consulting

The basic work takes place at the construction site itself. Our experienced HSE managers and safety consultants will advise customers and find solutions which are pragmatic and legally secure as well.



By our SAFETEE Index, all data collected at construction sites are gathered and evaluated. The result is a concise summary for our customer to see how well contractors observe safety regulations. (Download PDF)


Watching the risk, keeping track of the costs

By applying Dynamic Hazard Management, we offer you a unique way of project monitoring. Because risks are detected early, safety measures can be taken immediately. This lowers the risk and reduces the costs.

Technically up to date

Our specialists are constantly updating their know-how and are extremely versatile.
Their hands-on approach is highly appreciated within many fields of occupational health and safety applications.

Communication without Barriers

What really makes us stand out is our way of communicating on all levels with our customers. That enables us to implement management requirements without problems on site (operational level). In case we encounter a problem here, we are able to assess all sites referring to this problem – and take action immediately. Also, we do not just focus on one point. Our method combines the consulting of management as well as operational levels. Only this kind of “all-level consulting” will lead to practical and sustainable results. To merge management goals and on-site demands is our constant objective. Our vision is that all employees will leave their place of work safe and sound.